October 21, 2020

12:00–12:05 PM ET


Profile photo of Jessie Tenenbaum
Chief Data Officer, North Carolina DHHS

12:05–12:55 PM ET

PANEL 1 – Getting smarter about evaluating AI

Profile photo of Michael Abramoff
CEO, IDx Technologies
Profile photo of Marzeyeh Ghassemi
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Profile photo of Maia Hightower
Chief Medical Information Officer, University of Utah Health
Profile photo of Isaac Kohane
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Profile photo of Jason Moore
Jason Moore Moderator
Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Using artificial intelligence solutions at the point of care with a focus on the adoption, evaluation, and vetting process.

1:00–1:55 PM ET

PANEL 2 – New frontiers in healthcare AI

Profile photo of Tiffani Bright
Biomedical Informatics Evaluation Team Lead, IBM Watson health
Profile photo of Gregory Hager
Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Profile photo of Anant Madabhushi
Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Profile photo of Cynthia Rudin
Professor, Duke University
Profile photo of Nick Tatonetti
Nick Tatonetti Moderator
Associate Professor, Columbia University

Imagining solutions based on real-world experience, inspiring the next generation and discussing the most significant challenges in AI and medicine.

2:00–2:55 PM ET

PANEL 3 – How today’s care is being transformed by AI

Profile photo of Ken Ehlert
Chief Scientific Officer, UnitedHealth
Profile photo of Charlotte Haug
Charlotte Haug Moderator
International Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine
Profile photo of Peter Lee
Corporate Vice President, Research and Incubation, Microsoft
Profile photo of Eric Rubin
Editor-in-Chief, New England Journal of Medicine
Profile photo of Suchi Saria
Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins

Maximizing the impact of AI as a mainstream diagnostic and therapeutic. Where are the possibilities, and what are the possible pitfalls?

2:55–3:00 PM ET


Profile photo of Isaac Kohane
Professor, Harvard Medical School