Vivek Natarajan

Research Scientist, Health AI, Google

Vivek Natarajan is a Research Scientist at Google Health AI advancing biomedical AI to help scale world class healthcare to everyone. Vivek is particularly interested in building large language models and multimodal foundation models for biomedical applications and leads the Google Brain moonshot behind Med-PaLM, Google’s flagship medical large language model. His research also underpins several regulated medical device products under clinical trials at Google, including the NHS AI award winning breast cancer detection system Mammo Reader and the skin condition classification system DermAssist.

Vivek’s research has been published in well-regarded conferences and journals including Nature Medicine, Nature Biomedical Engineering, NeurIPS, CVPR, ICCV and JMLR. Prior to Google, Vivek worked on multimodal assistant systems at Facebook AI Research and published award winning research, was granted multiple patents and deployed AI models to products at scale with hundreds of millions of users.

Vivek Natajaran