Rupa Sarkar

Editor-in-Chief, Lancet Digital Health
Fireside Chat

Rupa Sarkar is the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Digital Health. Since her appointment in November 2018, The Lancet Digital Health has become the leading journal in the field of artificial intelligence and digital health, with a mission to advance standards for the next generation of health care technology.

Rupa is an experienced editor and scientist working across a broad range of subject areas relevant to digital health. She has delivered seminars at over 30 conferences in the USA, China, India, Europe, and UK. Her interests span all interdisciplinary areas of digital health, with a particular interest in genomics and machine learning in clinical applications and, she is experienced in the current challenges and opportunities in the field of digital health.

Rupa obtained her Ph.D. in embryonic stem cell development from Imperial College London, U.K., under the guidance of Prof. Robert Winston and Dr. Nick Dibb. After her postdoctoral research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY, USA, Rupa joined the Nature Research Group. Prior to her appointment at The Lancet Digital Health, Rupa was the Chief Editor of Nature Protocols.