Ricky Bloomfield

Clinical and Health Informatics Lead, Apple
Tutorial + Sandbox Co-Lead

Ricky Bloomfield is a physician, entrepreneur, developer, and clinical informaticist who is passionate about using technology to improve the health of all people. He joined Apple’s Health team in November 2016 as the Clinical and Health Informatics Lead where he works on products that empower patients to improve their health.

Although he’s had a lifelong interest in technology, it didn’t become truly meaningful for him until he saw the potential for mobile devices to transform care with the advent of the Apple App Store in 2008. At that point he taught himself how to write iOS apps during his Med-Peds residency and started a small software company whose apps were downloaded over 17 million times.

After residency, he joined the Duke University Health System as the Director of Mobile Technology Strategy where he began a personal mission to improve the interoperability of EHR data to empower patients and clinicians to solve healthcare’s biggest problems. This work resulted in the first implementation of a FHIR API at an Epic-based health system.

Ricky is also an avid swimmer and jazz saxophonist, and enjoys watching Marvel and Star Wars movies with his wife and 16-year old twin daughters.