Ken Ehlert

Formerly UnitedHealth Group

Ken spent the early years of his career working across the industries of agriculture, finance, and retail, before finding a home in healthcare. Since then, he has focused on using data, analytics, and a longitudinal understanding of disease to build products and businesses that improve the healthcare system. This career spans three decades and consists of numerous leadership positions and entrepreneurial endeavors, including serving as UnitedHealth Group’s Chief Scientific Officer. Ken has founded and successfully exited several companies, including All Savers—a novel insurance product for small businesses that brings the advantages of large groups, Motion—the first pay-for-healthy-behaviors insurance program that used biosensors, Level2—the first insurance plan that combines disease-specific interventions with benefit design, and Savvysherpa—a healthcare R&D firm focused at the intersection of math, clinical science, and human connection. Today, Ken is most passionate about the linkage between cognition, behavior, biology, and chronic diseases. His efforts are aimed at exploring this linkage and harnessing it to improve health and access to healthcare, especially for those who are socio-economically challenged.