Josh Mandel

Chief Architect, Microsoft Healthcare
Tutorial + Sandbox Co-Lead

Josh C. Mandel, MD is a physician and software developer working to fuel an ecosystem of health apps with access to clinical and research data. As Chief Architect for Microsoft Healthcare, Chief Architect for SMART Health IT, and Lecturer at the Harvard Medical School Department of Biomedical Informatics, Josh works closely with the standards development community to lay groundwork for frictionless data access, authorization, analytics, and app integration. Josh led development of the SMART on FHIR specification (the basis for US Patient Access API capabilities that every certified EHR must support) and the SMART Health Cards specification (used by nationwide pharmacies, state public health departments, and EHRs to issue verifiable records of COVID-19 vaccination status). Josh also launched the Clinical Decision Support Hooks project, supporting integration of external decision support services within the clinical workflow. As a member of the national Health IT Standards Committee, Josh showed a special interest in tools and interfaces that support software developers who are new to the health domain.