Jodie Trafton

Director, Program Evaluation and Resource Center, Veterans Health Administration; Affiliated Clinical Professor, Stanford University
Invited Speaker

Jodie Trafton, Ph.D. directs the Program Evaluation and Resource Center (PERC) within the National Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for the Veterans Health Administration. PERC develops and implements data-based management systems, clinical decision support , and innovative clinical programs, and conducts program evaluations across VHA health care systems. She has specific expertise in opioid safety, addiction and pain, overdose and suicide prevention, performance measurement and behavior change. Her team has most recently been involved in national initiatives to implement targeted interventions for suicide prevention (e.g. REACHVET, high risk flag population management, safety planning) and opioid safety (e.g. data-based risk reviews, urine drug screening), overdose education and naloxone distribution, evidence-based psychotropic prescribing and psychotherapy protocols, and strategic MH program planning and management practices. She is a Clinical Professor (affiliated) at Stanford University School of Medicine Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Center for Health Policy.